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The Best-Performing Stock Of 2019 You Likely Didn’t Own At The Beginning Of The Year (And Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Hard On Yourself)

The best-performing S&P 1500 stock of 2019 gained more than 450% this year – and most likely you didn’t own it at the beginning of the year. Moreover, the top 10 best-performing S&P 1500 stocks this year had an average gain of over 200% – and you probably didn’t own any of those at the beginning of the year either. The author of today’s article advises “Don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t own any of them at the beginning of the year, however. None of the investment newsletters whose portfolios I monitor did either” – and, unfortunately, identifying at the beginning of the year the stocks that will be among that year’s best performers is likely to become even more difficult in the future. For more, CLICK HERE.