Potentially Undervalued Stocks From All Corners

Today’s article highlights a slew of potentially undervalued stocks, identifying a handful of picks from each and every sector from Basic Materials (with opportunities in uranium, lithium and lumber) to Consumer Defensive (with opportunity in tobacco and more) to Energy (with opportunity in oilfield-services stocks) to Utilities. For these 32 stocks across sectors that are among analysts’ best ideas right now, CLICK HERE.

4 Big Dividend Stocks Unfairly Bashed By Brexit

2016-07-03 10_12_38-Films & TVA REIT with zero exposure to travel in the UK or Europe, and a business development corporation that might actually stand to benefit from Brexit due to any plan for a rate hike likely now being on hold (and rumors of a possible rate cut gaining strength). These are among the four stocks the author of today’s article highlights as having gotten unfairly hurt in the Brexit panic and which, as a result, may be bargain buys to consider. To read more about these four stocks, including one play the author admits “is not for the faint of heart – it’s down more than 30% since the Brexit news broke”, CLICK HERE.

Prepare Yourself Tax-Wise For Clinton Or Trump

2016-06-16 14_17_01-Films & TVRegardless of the outcome of the election in November changes will likely be coming to tax policy, and today’s article provides some guidance on how those who are well off can prepare. What can you do to prepare for the lower deductions that are likely to come regardless of whether Clinton or Trump wins the White House? What is likely to happen to the $5.45-million-per-person lifetime exemption from gift and estate taxes if the Democrats win the presidency and take back control of Congress, and what preemptive action can you take now? For answers to these questions, as well as a visualization of the likelihood of various tax outcomes depending on which party controls which branch of government next year, CLICK HERE.

Stock Market Slump?

graph-backgroundRecent lackluster stock market performance got you down? Rather than wasting time dwelling on the recent past why not use that time constructively to prepare your portfolio for the long-term? Today’s article suggests using this period of volatility to “take a timeout to tune up your portfolio and prepare it for the long road trip ahead” and outlines a six-step, thirty-minute process towards that end. To find out how to complete your “portfolio check-up” and to read more, CLICK HERE.

Cheap Stock Performers

winning-trophyLooking to get into the stock market? This article shares 8 stocks that are cheap yet still beating the odds of the market. While stocks can be “more expensive and downright prohibitively priced in the case of many of the year’s winners that doesn’t mean there aren’t stock-market champions that can still be scooped up on the cheap”. Check out the winners of cheap stocks. To read more, CLICK HERE.

Where Do The Wealthiest Retire?

2016-02-14 12_10_15-file0001684501945.jpg ‎- PhotosHas this question left you stumped? Have you ever wondered where the wealthiest of Americans choose to retire? As the gap between the wealthiest Americans and the rest of the population widens, there remains only “1% of Americans that will be able to retire without worrying about outliving their savings and how to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses”. Cities with the highest housing prices, annual expenses, and costs of living are among those selected. To read more about each of these cities, CLICK HERE.

Single and Ready To Retire

2016-02-14 11_32_46-New notificationAs you begin to think about where to retire also think about your marital status. If you find yourself single as you approach retirement there are a number of great cities that cater to single retirees and provide an opportunity to meet new people, like-minded, and who are also single! Just remember “you’re never too old to fall in love…” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Is The Chipotle Stock Crushed And Done?

ChipotleRecent health concerns over several Chipotle restaurants has had both its costumers and investors running scared. But is it time to get over it? Today’s article explains how the health concerns affected the stock performance and whether it will get any better in 2016. Here’s what they had to say, “Sure, there are still risks with buying Chipotle stock at current levels. Once the darling of Wall Street, the Denver-based fast-casual restaurant has suffered hits to its image, thanks to multiple outbreaks of E. coli which have forced the company to shut and revamp several of its restaurants.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Is Now The Time To Buy A Bargain?

Wall StreetToday’s article is a Q&A with USA Today’s Matt Krantz where he was asked when stocks would be cheap. Here’s what he had to say, “Investors looking to get a discount on stocks just got one. The market’s horrible start to the year is putting stocks on sale, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap yet. Investors are paying $15 for every dollar companies in the Standard and Poor’s 500 are expected to report as profit this year, says S&P Capital IQ.” To read more, CLICK HERE.

Got $10 in your pockets?

When was the last thing you got something noteworthy for $10? Today’s article highlights four stocks that you might want to consider adding to your portfolio and the best part? They’re under $10! Here’s what they had to say, “Let’s give it another shot. Here are a few stocks under $10 that have the potential to make some noise in 2016 and beyond. The risks should be fairly obvious. These stocks aren’t waffling about in the single digits without a good reason. However, you’ve got to start your run to greatness somewhere. Let’s check out five interesting stocks that fit the bill — the 10-dollar bill.” To read more, CLICK HERE.