The New “Billion Dollar Portfolio”

What’s attractive about stocks with a market value around $1 billion? The author of today’s article – who describes the $1 billion market value as “that delightful size between small and medium” – notes that “such stocks are small enough that they haven’t been discovered yet by most big mutual funds or pension funds, but they’re big enough to have achieved some stability.” Each year he selects ten stocks from this range to build his “Billion Dollar Portfolio” – which has beaten the S&P 500 more often than not. For the ten stocks that make up the new Billion Dollar Portfolio, CLICK HERE.

“Smart Money” Indicators That Gold Is Set To Break Out

In today’s article, the author lays out the bullish case for gold right now, noting that one key gold ETF “has been trading within a relatively narrow range for about five years. This is an example of a pattern technical analysts call a basing pattern. Bases can set the stage for a large price move.” For more indicators that gold may have reached a floor and is poised to break out to the upside – including the buying behavior of central banks and commercials – and the unique opportunity this could present for investors, CLICK HERE.

10 REITs That Have Been Movin’ On Up This Year

It’s no wonder that real-estate investment trusts are popular investments given, as today’s article notes, “Over 90% of REIT’s have higher dividend yields compared to the average S&P 500 company.” The article proceeds to highlight ten REITs that have gained at least 10% (and upwards of 50%) so far in 2018. For these ten REITs that have been movin’ on up this year – spanning mortgage REITs, data centre REITs and more – CLICK HERE.

Bigger May Indeed Be Better For These 2 High-Yielding Stocks

While the author of today’s article acknowledges that “bigger isn’t usually better when you’re talking about dividend yield,” he proceeds to highlight two high-yielding stocks where this may actually be the case. Specifically, these two stocks have dividend yields over 10% – and which appear to be safe. For these two stocks – a REIT that appears insulated from future rate increases and an energy firm that has undergone a re-shuffling in order to focus on growth – CLICK HERE.

A Low-Risk Option Strategy To Boost Your Annual Returns

While the author of today’s article acknowledges that many people won’t trade options on account of the degree of risk seemingly involved, he argues that it doesn’t have to be this way – and proceeds to outline “how to build a portfolio at a discount, using a low-risk option strategy that will add several percentage points to your annual returns.” For the steps involved in this strategy, a real-life example of how to carry it out, and its pros and cons, CLICK HERE.

Preparing For The Rest Of 2018: Thoughts From “The World’s Biggest Investor”

It may not feel that way, but the chief investment strategist at BlackRock reminds investors that 2018 has actually been a return to normal in the markets after a not-so-normal 2017 – and in their Midyear Global Investment Outlook, BlackRock’s senior strategists conclude that “Even if ‘normal’ means more uncertainty and greater overall risk, investors have a lot to look forward to between now and the end of 2018.” For the strategists’ advice for individual investors – including which stocks with “fortress balance sheets” to consider targeting and what looks attractive in the bond market – CLICK HERE.

The Opportunity And Challenges Of The Marijuana Boom

The positive take on the marijuana boom, according to the author of today’s article? “There will almost certainly be marijuana millionaires. These millionaires could include both the business owners and the shareholders.” The less-positive take? Despite what would appear to be a simple investment thesis, the author points out that things are actually far from simple and suggests that the marijuana boom “could also be the most challenging environment for stock market investors since the internet bubble of the late 1990’s.” For more, CLICK HERE.

A Garbage Stock – And 2 Other Investments You May Be Overlooking

Today’s article highlights three investments that are probably not on your radar but which you may want to consider. The first is a stock that is (literally) garbage, the second is a group of exchange-traded funds, and the third is a stock that is a leader in its industry, currently sports an attractive valuation, and could benefit from a key rival suffering a setback. For more on these three potential investments, CLICK HERE.

Gold, Silver And The Next Financial Meltdown: A Contrarian View

When the next financial meltdown occurs, the author of today’s article has a contrarian view on what will happen with gold and silver. While most precious metals analysts forecast a higher gold-silver ratio during the next financial crash, the author sees the value of silver rising more than that of gold. For more – including what the author sees as “the key factor missed by most precious metals analysts” – CLICK HERE.

Precious Insights On Buying Precious Metals

“Every investor portfolio should contain an allocation to precious metals,” argues the author of today’s article. And having this allocation may be more important today than ever. But getting into the precious metals market is not always a simple process: Is gold or silver the better investment? Should you buy physical metals (e.g. bars and coins) or metals-focused financial products (e.g. ETFs)? If you do buy physical metals, are bars or coins better as an investment – and, if coins, which ones? And what is the best place to buy physical precious metals? For the author’s insights on these questions, CLICK HERE.