Small-Caps’ Big Rebound – And Further Move Higher?

After crashing in March as the novel coronavirus became a global crisis dramatically affecting everyday life, small-cap stocks have staged a remarkable rebound. And while there are clouds on the horizon – the most worrying being dramatically rising COVID-19 infections and deaths – today’s article identifies a number of factors that could propel small-caps even higher. For more, CLICK HERE.

3 Trends Shaping The Future Of The Biotech Industry – And 3 Biotech Stocks Well Positioned To Outperform

Assessing the current state of the biotech industry, the author of today’s article notes that “While the coronavirus treatments will take center stage in 2021, other regulatory and pipeline developments are slowly getting back on track after the standstill induced by the pandemic. Key drug approvals and pipeline progress are back in focus.” With this, they proceed to highlight three trends shaping the future of the biotech industry and three biotech stocks that are well positioned to outperform. For more, CLICK HERE.

RBC’s Top Digital Health Stocks For Continued Momentum This Year

With the pandemic forcing patients/providers to alter the way they sought/delivered health care, the digital health industry gained momentum last year. In a recent report, RBC Capital Markets predicted that this momentum will continue this year – and recommended three digital health stocks for investors to buy, as well as three additional digital health and healthcare IT stocks to consider buying. For these six stocks, CLICK HERE.

This Biotech’s Unique Approach To Drug Development Could Give It The Best Chance Of Beating The Market This Year

When it comes to the author of today’s article’s top biotech stock pick for 2021, an under-the-radar name, he explains that “Many of the reasons to buy [it] could also apply to other biotech stocks, but it’s the company’s unique approach to the unusual business of developing new drugs that makes it [his] top pick this year.” For the stock in question and why the author believes it “has a better chance to beat the market than any of its peers”, CLICK HERE.

Picks And Tips For Investing In “High-Risk But High-Potential” Blockchain Technology

Investing in bitcoin has become a hot topic over the last few years, as has investing in the technology behind bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies: blockchain. Acknowledging that it’s a “high-risk but high-potential” technology, the author of today’s article looks at different ways to invest in blockchain – and offers some tips to keep in mind if doing so. For more, CLICK HERE.

With Coronavirus Vaccines Still In Development, These 3 Stocks Are Poised To Soar This Year (With Some Risk)

In 2021, “The big stories…could come from vaccines that haven’t made it to market yet. It’s possible that the stocks of the companies developing these experimental vaccines will deliver tremendous gains over the next 12 months,” advises the author of today’s article. With that, he proceeds to highlight three coronavirus vaccine stocks that, while risky, appear especially well positioned to soar this year. For these three stocks, CLICK HERE.

5 Health Care Stocks That Could Be Top Performers In 2021

Today’s article highlights five health care stocks that analysts believe could be top performers in 2021, with the author advising that “While certainly not as risky as some high-flying biotechs, they are better suited for growth stock investors with a higher risk tolerance.” For these five health care stocks that are favorites of (and Buy-rated at) Jefferies – including one that could benefit from the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine – CLICK HERE.

2020: The Year “The Dumb Money Was The Smart Money”

“The dumb money was the smart money this year,” is how one portfolio manager cited in today’s article sums up the wild swings experienced by various “meme stocks” in 2020 as individual investors – many of them new to the market and looking to pass the time at home during the pandemic – piled in on lower-quality stocks. From vaccine developers to electric-vehicle startups to a bankrupt car-rental company, which of these “dumb money” bets turned out better than others? CLICK HERE.

3 Biotech Stocks With Enormous Catalysts Early In 2021

When it comes to stocks with the potential to make big moves in the first quarter of 2021, the author of today’s article advises that “There are at least three in the biotech space with enormous catalysts on the way that could drive their prices higher or lower overnight.” Those enormous catalysts, of course, are FDA approval decisions. For the three biotech stocks in question, their drug/treatment candidates under review, and when the FDA is expected to issue its decisions for each, CLICK HERE.