An Options Strategy For This COVID Vaccine Play With More Room To Run

When it comes to COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers, the author of today’s article notes “While it’s no surprise that investors have already bought into these companies, there’s still more room to run” – and he proceeds to highlight one particular COVID vaccine play that could net traders a high double-digit return using options. For the company in question and the author’s recommended action to take, CLICK HERE.

“Out Of Favor Healthcare Stocks Poised For Growth”: An Investing Theme For A Return To Normal

With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in reduced doctor visits and delayed surgeries and procedures, many healthcare stocks have suffered this year. But as things begin to return to normal next year with the distribution of a vaccine, healthcare stocks should benefit. As such, the authors of today’s article advocate an “Out Of Favor Healthcare Stocks Poised For Growth” investing theme – and identify a number of companies to consider for this theme. For more, CLICK HERE.

How Will The Election Results Affect Tech, Growth, Biotech And Healthcare – And Who Will Outperform?

While President Trump still refuses to concede and control of the Senate is still technically to be determined, a Biden presidency come January 20th appears certain and Republicans maintaining control of the Senate seems a very strong bet. So what do these election results mean for tech, growth, biotech and healthcare stocks? In today’s article, a number of contributors provide their insights – as well as the names of some companies and ETFs they believe will outperform in the new political environment. For more, CLICK HERE.

An ETF To Play The Biotech Sector Well Into 2021

For bullish biotech investors looking for a way to play the sector well into 2021, today’s article highlights an ETF to consider for that purpose, one which seeks to replicate an index “intended to track the overall performance of companies involved in the development and production, marketing, and sales of drugs based on genetic analysis and diagnostic equipment.” For more on this ETF and its growth potential, CLICK HERE.

Biotech Stocks Of Every Kind For Investors Of Every Kind In 2021

From traditional “Big Pharma” stocks that have adopted (or are adopting) a greater focus on biotech to large “pure-play” biotech companies to “emerging” biotech stocks (including some with a specific focus on COVID-19), today’s article highlights what the author sees as 14 of the best biotech stocks to consider buying for 2021. For these 14 biotech stocks, which include options for both conservative and aggressive investors, CLICK HERE.

23 Stocks And ETFs That Stand To Benefit From A Biden Administration’s Changes (Or A Split Congress’ Lack Of Change)

From the country’s strategy for tackling COVID-19 to U.S.-China tensions to government regulations, some key changes can be expected under the coming Biden administration. At the same time, however, a split Congress (which is widely anticipated) is likely to hamper major changes in other areas, including drug pricing reform and federal stimulus. So which stocks and ETFs stand to benefit from the coming changes/lack of change? For a whole bunch of them, CLICK HERE.

A High Risk/High Reward Way To Play The Shift To Biotech Solutions

When it comes to treating diseases, the author of today’s article notes “It seems that there is a shift away from treating symptoms with chemical compounds and towards attacking diseases within the body.” This shift to biotech solutions is even seen in ophthalmology, where the author highlights one niche company whose stock he intends to buy – and which he recommends as a high risk/high reward way for more aggressive investors to play the shift to biotech solutions. For more, CLICK HERE.

A New Multi-Bagger Opportunity In The Electric Vehicle Space

For those who missed out on the massive rallies of Tesla and other electric vehicle companies, today’s article highlights another potential multi-bagger opportunity in the space: a newer company that just went public in October – and which one analyst who just gave it its first buy rating expects to easily double. For the company in question, and how both investors and traders can go about playing it, CLICK HERE.

The Approval Of An Oregon Ballot Measure Could Make This Biotech Startup An Under-The-Radar Election Winner

Amid all the high drama surrounding last week’s elections, a smaller development could have big implications for one biotech startup. As today’s article explains, voters in Oregon approved a ballot measure that legalizes psilocybin – the hallucinogenic compound in magic mushrooms – for the treatment of mental health problems, and the biotech in question currently has a psilocybin treatment in clinical trials. For more on this biotech that appears to be an under-the-radar election winner, CLICK HERE.