“The Golden Period Of Biotechnology”: 3 Stocks Poised For Massive Growth

The biotechnology sector’s outperformance amid the pandemic has led some analysts to refer to this time as the “golden period of biotechnology”. When it comes to the best biotech stock picks, the author of today’s article identifies three parameters to consider: “hedge fund and institutional investor sentiment towards the stock, market performance, quarterly results and competitive advantage.” With this in mind, he highlights three biotech stocks that appear poised for massive growth going forward – and, not surprisingly, all three are participants in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine. For more, CLICK HERE.

Lessons From “The Most Successful Money Maker In The History Of Modern Finance”

The author of today’s article declares him “the most successful money maker in the history of modern finance” – and with a track record of crushing both the S&P 500 and big-name investors like Warren Buffett and George Soros, that designation seems appropriate. And while it’s nearly impossible for individual investors to adopt the mathematical, computer-oriented trading approach of hedge-fund star Jim Simons, the author believes that “there are lessons every investor can learn from Simons’s successes and failures – even those who trade using traditional techniques”. For more, CLICK HERE.

The Elite Hedge Funds That Are Crushing Their Competitors (And The Market) – And Some Of Their Key Holdings

While most hedge funds have been lagging the market for years, the author of today’s article notes that “a small group of elite hedge funds absolutely crush the market, earning annual returns in the neighborhood of 15% to 20%” – and he proceeds to highlight a handful of these lesser-known, elite funds that have been able to consistently outperform their better-known, mega-fund competitors (and the market!), as well as some of their key stock holdings as revealed in their 13F filings. For more, CLICK HERE.

The “Groundbreaking Investment Idea” Alternative To Hedge Funds, Fixed Income And Gold

With hedge funds, bonds and gold all having potential drawbacks as long-term investments, the author of today’s article highlights “a groundbreaking investment idea” for those who might otherwise invest in those assets ¬– an investment that offers high single-digit returns, has a low correlation to the stock market, and which, until recently, would only have been available to the most affluent investors: shares of artwork by blue-chip artists. For more on this investment opportunity – including the New York-based startup making it possible and why art may be a better investment than gold – CLICK HERE.

Honing Your Financial Superpowers

Billionaire hedge fund manager Cliff Asness once exclaimed that “Having, and sticking to, a true long term perspective is the closest you can come to possessing an investing superpower.” It is not the only financial superpower, however. The author of today’s article identifies a number of financial superpowers which, fortunately, you don’t have to have been born with. For more – including why the author identifies the ability to be uncomfortable as one financial superpower (and, in fact, argues that it “is a prerequisite when trying to get ahead financially”) – CLICK HERE.

Which Stocks Have The Best “Under-The-Radar” Hedge Fund Managers Been Buying?

With information from second-quarter hedge fund disclosures now publicly available, today’s article looks at which stocks the top-performing (but not necessarily well-known) hedge funds have been buying – and thus which stocks those funds’ managers may view as overlooked opportunities. For the top five stock-picking hedge funds – and some stocks those funds’ managers have taken new positions in – CLICK HERE.

Why This Top Money Manager Just Made A High-Conviction Bet On India – And How You Can Play The Opportunity

One of the best-performing hedge fund managers of the past 20 years just made a high-conviction bet on India, with 40% of his fund now invested in that emerging nation (and just 0.1% invested in the U.S.). What particular segment of Indian stocks does this money manager (who has generated a cumulative return of 967% since 2000) see an opportunity in (and why) – and what’s one way that those with little-to-no knowledge about investing in India can play this opportunity? CLICK HERE.

These Small Stocks Are Seeing Big Interest From Hedge Funds

In regards to hedge funds, the author of today’s article notes that they “control trillions of dollars, all of the funds strive to outperform and their investment decisions can impact the prices of stocks, especially small stocks.” As such, the author screened for cheap (trading under $10), low market cap (less than $100 million) stocks that saw significant buying interest from hedge funds in the previous quarter. For the four stocks that passed this screen – and which may be deserving of further consideration – CLICK HERE.

Is Hedge Fund Buying Setting Up A Silver Surge?

Against a backdrop of increased market volatility, interest in “safe haven” assets – including precious metals – is increasing. However, today’s article outlines how, “Despite gold’s luster as the place to hide your money during volatile market conditions, silver is more likely to benefit given current positions held by hedge funds.” What are hedge funds doing relative to gold and silver – and how might this activity result in a surge in silver prices if precious metals break out? CLICK HERE.