How Will The Election Results Affect Tech, Growth, Biotech And Healthcare – And Who Will Outperform?

While President Trump still refuses to concede and control of the Senate is still technically to be determined, a Biden presidency come January 20th appears certain and Republicans maintaining control of the Senate seems a very strong bet. So what do these election results mean for tech, growth, biotech and healthcare stocks? In today’s article, a number of contributors provide their insights – as well as the names of some companies and ETFs they believe will outperform in the new political environment. For more, CLICK HERE.

Biotech Stocks Of Every Kind For Investors Of Every Kind In 2021

From traditional “Big Pharma” stocks that have adopted (or are adopting) a greater focus on biotech to large “pure-play” biotech companies to “emerging” biotech stocks (including some with a specific focus on COVID-19), today’s article highlights what the author sees as 14 of the best biotech stocks to consider buying for 2021. For these 14 biotech stocks, which include options for both conservative and aggressive investors, CLICK HERE.

More Outperformance Ahead For These 2 “Class of 2018” Biotech Stocks?

The two biotech stocks highlighted in today’s article both made their public market debuts in 2018 – and both have performed very well for investors who have held them from the beginning. More importantly, for investors who missed out on this outperformance, the author believes there’s good reason to expect further outperformance from both stocks going forward, making them both potential buys right now. For more, CLICK HERE.

These 5 Drug/Biotech Stocks Have The Combination To Unlock An Earnings Surprise

Amid a third-quarter earnings season that has been a mixed bag of beats and misses for drug/biotech companies, today’s article highlights five drug/biotech stocks that appear poised to deliver a positive earnings surprise in their upcoming quarterly results, as they all have a combination that has been shown to increase the odds of an earnings beat by as much as 70%. For these five drug/biotech stocks, CLICK HERE.

This Biotech Stock Could Be A Good “Bad News Buy”

When it comes to the biotech stock that’s the focus of today’s article, which plummeted in mid-October when the company abruptly pulled the plug on a critical Phase 2 trial due to safety concerns with the drug being studied, the author says the following: “We view the drop in the shares as an overreaction, and it has created an excellent buying opportunity. At current levels the stock has minimum downside risk, while its upside is unlikely to be affected by the disappointment.” For the stock in question that could be a good “bad news buy”, CLICK HERE.

Is The Stage Being Set For A Strong Biotech Rally?

Amid setbacks for various potential COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, election risk, strengthening M&A activity, and more, what’s the outlook for healthcare and biotech in the final months of 2020? In regards to biotech, the author of today’s article believes that the “5-month sideways consolidation is setting up the stage for a strong rally higher once the market breaks out. And that can happen soon.” For more – including a list of promising biotechs and other healthcare companies – CLICK HERE.

The Current Status – And Future Prospects – Of This COVID-19 Vaccine Partnership

In March, two small biotechs partnered to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 using a mechanism called RNA interference (RNAi) – and early data for the drug they ended up developing was positive. So where do things stand now with their vaccine effort, what are the prospects for the future, and which – if either – of the two firms may be a good investment right now? CLICK HERE.