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The Q4 Five: Are These The 5 Best ETFs For The Fourth Quarter?

2016-10-02 19_11_08-Morguefile free photographs for commercial useAgainst the backdrop of high stock market valuations, expectations of disappointing third-quarter earnings, a presidential election without precedent, the possibility of a December interest rate hike and more, today’s article acknowledges that “it’s hard to have much confidence in anything in this market”. That being said, the author sees “a few seasonal and situational plays” that could benefit investors – such as the holiday retail season, the hawkishness of both presidential candidates and the Fed’s action (or inaction) on interest rates – and highlights five exchange-traded funds through which these plays can be made. To see what these ETFs – which the author touts as being the five best ETFs for Q4 – are, CLICK HERE.