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Play This Quiet Shift In Housing For 7% Dividends And Upside

7% Dividends

Demand for rental property is going through the roof — and we can play the trend for a rock-solid 7% dividend that can be had at a discount!

What’s driving this opportunity? Higher interest rates. The average 30-year mortgage issued today bears an interest rate near 5%, a level we haven’t come close to since the subprime-mortgage crisis.

Seeing how rates are soaring and home values are hitting a bump, sellers are already reducing their asking prices and looking to offload property as fast as possible.

As owners rush to sell, they’ll have to live somewhere, as will folks who are still priced out of the market as rising rates drive up the cost of homeownership. That’s a boon for the rental market, where vacancy rates are falling as rents rise.

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