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Channeling Benjamin Graham: 3 Top Picks for Value Hunters in 2024

Benjamin Graham was a famous investor who was active in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.. Known as “the father of value investing,” Graham heavily influenced Warren Buffett, whom Graham taught at Columbia University. Those who follow Graham’s philosophy believe in buying value stocks whose intrinsic value is below that of its market value. Specifically, Graham had a theory that investors should own “net-nets” equities. According to The Long Run Plan, net-nets are equities trading below their net current asset value.

In these days of high debt and high valuation, it’s extremely difficult to find stocks that meet Graham’s net-nets criteria. But I did manage to find three names with good prospects that I think he would consider to be value stocks because their total current assets are well above their total current liabilities, while their debt totals are very low.

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