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7 Up-And-Coming AI Stocks To Put On Your Must-Buy List

Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) proved the artificial intelligence (AI) boom is here to stay. Revenue jumped by 101% year-over-year, as net income soared by 843% year-over-year. While these growth rates won’t last forever, they are here right now and can make Nvidia’s valuation more manageable in future quarters, especially for investors who scoop up shares at current price levels. It’s just one of the top AI stocks with huge potential.

While I have been bearish on Nvidia solely due to its valuation, other AI stocks don’t have the same disadvantage. These stocks also give investors an opportunity to ride the AI boom, but they don’t have the frothy valuation Nvidia has built up over the years. Investors looking for a promising investment in the AI boom may want to consider these seven up-and-coming AI stocks.

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