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Diamond In The Rough: 7 Dirt-Cheap Penny Stocks With 10X Potential

The penny stocks space can be a massive wealth creator even with a small portfolio allocation. Ideally, I would not go beyond 10% portfolio allocation towards penny stocks. However, if there are multiple 10x or 20x stories, the impact on the portfolio can be significant.

The first rule however is to completely ignore purely speculative penny stocks. I would look at penny stocks that represent companies with average to good business fundamentals. It’s a bonus if industry tailwinds are positive through the decade.

At the same time, it’s important to tone down expectations and hold with patience. Not all penny stocks will become 10x in quick time. I would look at good businesses and consider a time horizon of five years. Of course, I would closely watch business developments to reaffirm the hold thesis.

Let’s therefore talk about seven attractive penny stocks to buy for massive wealth creation.

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