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7 ‘A-Rated’ Small-Cap Stocks To Buy Now

Small companies can grow faster in this type of economy

There’s little doubt that the U.S. economy going great guns right now. And one of the big winners will be small-cap stocks.

While on one hand there’s lots of talk regarding inflation — the key concern in a rapidly expanding economy — there’s also excitement.

If you own a stock with a $40 billion market cap, it’s going to take some doing to double that market cap. But if you have a $500 million or $1 billion company, doubling the size isn’t too farfetched in this kind of market.

Plenty of small-cap stocks have already seen investors dive in and run up their valuations in anticipation of big payoffs. The featured stocks below all have market caps below $2 billion. Some have been my favorites for a while.

But the fact is, these small-cap stocks are well positioned to score big in coming months.

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