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Picks And Shovels: 3 Stealth AI Stocks Flying Under Wall Street’s Radar

During the AI rally last year, many leading AI stocks soared to dizzying heights, becoming some of the most expensive names on the market. Investors were willing to pay sky-high premiums for these high-flyers, with Nvidia’s (NASDAQ:NVDA) share price approaching $550 at its peak.

But this article isn’t about Nvidia or other über-expensive AI darlings. Today, we’re digging for diamonds in the rough – overlooked stocks quietly benefiting from the AI gold rush without grabbing headlines.

Beyond the rarefied air of Silicon Valley, unknown robotics and software companies are indirectly riding the AI wave. And within the semiconductor space lurk undervalued stocks that Wall Street has ignored. Many AI plays with bright prospects remain priced at a fraction of highly-touted stocks like Nvidia. Let’s dive in!

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