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These 2 Smart Deglobalization Trades Are Paying Huge Dividends

Signs that our interconnected world is coming unglued are everywhere. Supply chains are still a mess. Europe is getting set to ban (or slap a price cap on) Russian oil. Speaking of Putin, his immoral invasion of Ukraine is, er, not going well. He’s even going cap in hand to North Korea for spare parts for his ramshackle military!

Sure, things aren’t exactly great here in the US, but consumers are still spending and inflation looks like it’s peaked—unlike in the UK, where inflation could hit 18% in 2023!

My call? On the other side of this mess, America will lead as the world enters a new era. Bet on it.

That’s why we want to hunt for dividend growers here in the US, or at least in friendly countries. We also demand strong balance sheets, rising earnings and cash flow and fast payout growth, the latter of which has, as we’ll see, the knock-on effect of driving share prices higher.

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