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Keep Following The News, Earnings, Fed, And Your Gut, If You Want Keep Losing Money

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As a trader and investor looking to pull money out of the market regularly, the only thing you are really looking for is the price of the investment you bought or sold-short to move in your favor. So, common sense tells us that “Only Price Pays,” not news, not how much we love a stock or commodity. If the price does not move, you do not make any money, period.

If you think it’s going to help you become a better trader by reading financial articles, watching the business channel, listening to other people’s opinions, or the Fed, then you are sadly mistaken. That is the absolute best way to undermine all your hard work, analysis, and hard-earned money. The last thing you want to be doing is second-guessing yourself each time you are placing a trade or adjusting an open position.

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