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Green Rush Is The New Gold Rush: 3 Stocks Positioned For A Windfall

There are three reasons why Europe is a good region to focus on for those seeking lucrative “green rush stocks.” First, unlike the U.S., the EU has officially agreed upon a renewable energy target. Specifically, the bloc has determined “that by 2030” it will obtain “42.5% of its energy from renewable sources.” Secondly, the EU has decided that it will seek to wean itself off of Russian energy and, in order to do so, it will have to produce a great deal of electricity from renewables and become much less reliant on fossil fuels.

Finally, the bloc appears to be undertaking larger renewable energy projects than America. For example, Denmark is launching a $25 billion project “to build systems connecting wind farms in the North Sea to shore.”

Here are three of the best green energy stocks that have a great deal of exposure to Europe.

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