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Wealth and Investments

Properly planned investments provide financial stability and control. The ZenectWealth team covers everything from stocks to options, including the newest investment ideas surrounding investments of all types.

Looking First At Revenue…

The first thing you should do when assembling a new toy is read the instructions. The same rule applies to investing. There’s one thing I always look at well before starting any analysis or research. It may seem funny to point to one significant data point… but I’ve learned this lesson the hard way too. What’s the one thing to look at before analyzing financials, reading about management, studying the industry, or researching valuations? I look at this one thing before I look at the value of the stock, or how it’s trading in the markets. The first thing I always check for is simply – REVENUE!

Momentum Investing

A New Way To Invest For Big Profits…

Billions of dollars are made every year by investors bucking convention.  All investors are human, and far too often we’re influenced by our emotions.  Preconceived ideas influence the way we think… and act… and invest.  By throwing off the stale ways of thinking, new investment ideas emerge.

And that’s when big money can be made!

One Way To Profit From Quarterly Earnings

It’s that time again. We’ve reached the end of the first quarter, and March 31st marks the end of a cycle.  Sales teams are working around the clock.  They’re trying to close the “big deal” in the final hours.  Everyone’s worried about making quarterly numbers.

The bean counters are going nuts.

Accountants around the world are working hard on closing out the books.  They’re adding up the numbers and counting inventory.  They’re checking the bank balances and calculating final quarterly earnings.

The lawyers are getting into the act…

Get Fat & Happy With A Restaurant the “Smart Money” Loves

Who doesn’t love dining out?  Eating at home is one thing… but you have to cook and clean and it seems to take forever.  Eating out is more fun! And it’s REALLY fun when you don’t have to pay the bill!

A few years ago, it seemed like everyone had an expense account.

Entertaining clients meant going to a fancy restaurant… Consuming an “over-the-top” meal… Then arguing over who picked up the bill.  Everyone knew it was being paid for by an expense account!