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Biotech Battlefields: 3 Stocks To Watch Amid Wall Street Turmoil

As biotech stock prices have fallen, Wall Street and biotech boards have grown increasingly unfriendly. Amid the turmoil, key biotech stocks have become the targets of activist investors demanding new executives, new boards and new strategies. The specifics of each case vary, but the biotech stocks in sharpest focus have been those whose earnings and revenue have disappointed investors.

Of course, it’s no accident this happens. Investors want to protect their investments. And if the company isn’t acting right, they are well within their rights to try to change. If their changes succeed, it could prove a key turnaround for a company’s future. Many high-potential biotech stocks could see themselves skyrocket after these changes — and investors know it.

Ultimately, it’s important to know what’s at stake, whether you side with investors or companies. So, amid the turmoil, here are three high-potential biotech stocks to watch.

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