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The 7 Best Stocks To Own In A Volatile Market

While the rest of Wall Street may be basking in the glow of screaming-hot economy, contrarian investors may want to consider the best stocks for a volatile market. Just like in a game of baseball, all it takes is one bad inning to see a big lead evaporate.

Yes, U.S. GDP for the third quarter sizzled against expectations. However, that’s probably not an excuse to lose vigilance. For one thing, inflation and interest rates (which obviously impact borrowing costs) both stand at elevated levels. In turn, consumers have little choice but to cut back on their spending. Given that spending represented the bulk of GDP growth, it’s almost a forgone conclusion that Q4 won’t offer a repeat performance.

Stated differently, investors must read between the lines. On that note, here are the best stocks for a volatile market.

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