“The Golden Period Of Biotechnology”: 3 Stocks Poised For Massive Growth

The biotechnology sector’s outperformance amid the pandemic has led some analysts to refer to this time as the “golden period of biotechnology”. When it comes to the best biotech stock picks, the author of today’s article identifies three parameters to consider: “hedge fund and institutional investor sentiment towards the stock, market performance, quarterly results and competitive advantage.” With this in mind, he highlights three biotech stocks that appear poised for massive growth going forward – and, not surprisingly, all three are participants in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine. For more, CLICK HERE.

“FastPharming” Could Help This Biotech In The Covid-19 Vaccine Race

“The challenge for investors who are looking to cash in on the hype surrounding a Covid-19 vaccine is placing their bets on the right horse,” acknowledges the author of today’s article. He proceeds to highlight one vaccine developer whose proprietary “FastPharming” technology – which could help it rapidly scale up production of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate if it’s approved – helps it stand out among the various biotech firms participating in the Covid-19 vaccine race. For more on this firm – whose stock has gained an astounding 524% since last year – CLICK HERE.